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Use the toolbar image map! Jump To Image Ready Screen Layout Quick Mask Color Settings The Zoom Tool The Hand Tool The Note Tools The Color Picker Tools The Shape Tools The Pen Tools The Path Selection Tools The Type Tools The Toning Tools The Distortion Tools The Eraser Tools The Fill Tools The History Brush Tools The Stamp Tools The Retouching Tools The Brush Tools The Slice Tools The Crop Tool The Magic Wand The Lasso Tools The Move Tool The Marquee Tools Notes Tool [N] Audio Annotation Tool [N] You can add notes and audio annotations anywhere on a Photoshop image canvas. When you create a note, a resizable window appears for entering text. When you record an audio annotation, you must have a microphone plugged into the audio-in port of your computer. You can import both kinds of annotations from Photoshop documents saved in PDF or from Acrobat documents saved in PDF or Form Data Format (FDF).
To create a note:
Select the notes tool and set options as needed:
Enter an author name. The name appears in the title bar of the notes window. Choose a font and size for the note text. Select a color for the note icon and the title bar of note windows. Click where you want to place the note, or drag to create a custom-sized window. Click inside the window, and type the text. If you type more text than fits in the note window, the scroll bar becomes active.
Edit the text as needed:
You can use the standard editing commands for your system (Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Select All). In Windows, right-click in the text area and choose the commands from the context menu. In Mac OS, choose the commands from the Edit and Select menus. You can also use standard keyboard shortcuts for these editing commands. If you have the required software for different script systems (for example, Roman, Japanese, or Cyrillic) installed on your computer, you can switch between the script systems. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) to display the context menu, and then choose a script system. To close the note to an icon, click the close box.
To create an audio annotation:
Select the audio annotation tool and set the options as needed:
Enter an author name. Select a color for the audio annotation icon. Click where you want to place the annotation icon. Click Start and then speak into the microphone. When you're finished, click Stop.
To import annotations:
Choose File > Import > Annotations. Select a PDF or FDF file that contains annotations, and then click Load. The annotations appear in the locations where they were saved in the source document.

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