Adobe Photoshop Toolbar in Depth

Use the toolbar image map! Jump To Image Ready Screen Layout Quick Mask Color Settings The Zoom Tool The Hand Tool The Note Tools The Color Picker Tools The Shape Tools The Pen Tools The Path Selection Tools The Type Tools The Toning Tools The Distortion Tools The Eraser Tools The Fill Tools The History Brush Tools The Stamp Tools The Retouching Tools The Brush Tools The Slice Tools The Crop Tool The Magic Wand The Lasso Tools The Move Tool The Marquee Tools       The image to the left is the toolbar from Adobe Photoshop 7.0. This is the main palette that you will use to create and manipulate images or parts of images. It contains all of the manipulation tools that are used in Adobe Photoshop. There are other tools in Photoshop including filters and many image adjustments. We will only be discussing the Adobe Photoshop Toolbar in this tutorial. We will be discussing filters and many other aspects of Adobe Photoshop in later tutorials. The Tool Bar to the left is also a image map. Clicking on the desired tool will take you to that tools page. The Tool Bar Image Map appears on every page of this tutorial.
     In this tutorial I will I will give a description of each tool and explain what it is used for. I will also explain all of the options that you have when you click on the tool.
     The toolbar can be toggled on and off by clicking on Window then clicking on Tools from the main file menu. The toolbar can also be compacted by double clicking on the window title bar. Adobe Photoshop toolbar compacted In this case it would be the blue bar at the top of the toolbar. The color of your title bar will vary depending on your PC appearance configuration. To return the toolbar to it's normal size, just double click the title bar again to return it to the image to the left.
     You can also drag to toolbar, or any other opened palette, to any desired location on the screen. You do this by clicking the title bar and dragging the palette while keeping the left mouse button depressed. Release the mouse button to drop the palette where you need it to be.
     Of the twenty-two different tools sets, seventeen of them have more than one tool associated with the button. A small black arrow marks these tools in the bottom right corner. To access the extra tools, you can both right click on the tool and choose a tool from the pop-up. Or you can left click and drag off of the button to bring up the pop-up. Then just point to the tool you want and release the mouse button.
     Using keyboard commands can also toggle each tool. If the tool has multiple tools associated with it, you would use Shift + the key command for that tool set to cycle through the tools in that set. I will give the keyboard command for each tool in that tool section.
     You can either follow along by clicking next at the bottom the each page, or you can use the Toolbar Menu image map in the upper-left corner of each page to jump to any tool set that you need help with.
     I will try to be as detailed and accurate as possible about each tool. If I leave something out or describe something that is not exactly correct, please don't hesitate to email me and I will make the correction immediately.
     All information in this tutorial is taken from many different places including, Adobe Photoshop help, my own personal knowledge (7 years experience), and other resources on the Internet.
     As this is a rather lengthy tutorial, if you get tired of reading, check out the Games section and take a break. There are many great games to ease your brain strain.

Let's Begin...The Marquee Tools
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Date created: December 18, 2002
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