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A Report on the Henry County Poor Farm

March 25, 1872

      The Henry County, Indiana Poor Farm consists of 290 acres, 180 of which are under cultivation and pasture. Of the 180 acres, 75 are in grass, 45 in wheat and clover and about 50 suitable for corn this year, leaving 10 acres about the house and barn, including the orchard and garden. Some of the pastureland is not suitable for cropland, owing to it being broken and stony. During the past year there has been cleared up of the brushy wilderness, in the Blue river bottoms, about 40 acres, which is well set in grass, and bids fair to be some of the most valuable land belonging to the farm. The ditch dug through it has proven a success. There has also been 242 rods of other ditches dug during the last year, most of which is tiled. 200 rods of good board fence enclose the entire tract.
     There are belonging to the county farm, two good horses, worth $175 each, amounting to $350, 21 head of cattle worth $400, 49 hogs of 150 pounds each, worth $300. Besides these, there are many farming implements of much value and suitable for carrying on various kinds of work necessary to successful farming.
     There were raised last year about 2,000 bushels of corn and 235 bushels of wheat, 42 hogs were fattened, 34 being retained for our use. And 18 sold, which weighed 312 pounds

Mahlon D. Harvey

U.E.Bush 2003

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