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Funeral Services For Pauper Dead

Churchmen Protest Against Funerals Without Christian Rites

(This article appeared in the local Connersville paper in May of 1891.)

      Connersville, Ind. May 10. The manner of burying paupers here is creating quite a bit of talk. It has been the custom to hold brief funeral services for paupers who died leaving no relatives, but to allow the relatives, if any survived, to provide a funeral if they chose. Sometimes they did not. Warren O. Hull, prominent in the business and in the affairs of the first M. E. church, published a signed statement in each of the local papers recently in which he said the act of burying paupers without services was barbarous and unchristian, and was a reflection on the county that permitted it.
     There are many who favor the established custom, and argue that, if a dead indigent's next of kin do not care for a funeral the county has no reason to care. The majority however, hold the view that a pauper is the county's charge, alive or dead, and that a burial without ceremony is the county's business, and a bad business too, whether or not the dead has relatives, and whether they Care.

U.E.Bush 2003

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