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German Baptist Aged Person's
Orphan's Home

Established, 3 Jul 1883

    The German Baptist Aged Person's and Orphan's Home was established on 3 Jul 1883 for the care of the aged members and orphans of the German Baptist Congregation of the Southern District of Indiana. Hazzard's History of Henry County, Vol. #2 lists the first Trustees as Jacob W. Yost, James M. Wyatt, John Hart, John L. Krall and Joseph D. Neher. On 1 Mar 1883 the trustees met with Jacob P. Miller, on the farm where the home now stands to purchase the one hundred and forty acres of Mr. Miller, for the sum of $7,000.00, four thousand of which was paid in cash. Jacob P. Miller donating one thousand dollars of this amount. Articles of association were drawn up on 3 Jul 1883. In 1886, the first building was erected at a cost of $3,000.00, and in 1901 a second building was erected for the aged, it was called "The Home." While the first building was called "The Orphanage." The first Superintendent was John S. McCarty, of Clarksville, IN, for six years, he was replaced by John Brunk of Middletown, IN, for five years, he was replaced by Calvin Cook. In September of 1898 Andrew C. Snowberger took charge. The first inmate was Jane Orr, of Ladoga, Montgomery County, IN who entered the home on 30 Dec 1886 and remained there for nearly twelve years.
    In 1899, the General Assembly passed a law forbidding the detention of dependents between the ages of three and seventeen years for more than ten days in the County Poor Asylum. In 1901 this law was amended, increasing the time of stay to sixty days.
    The first contracts made by the Henry County Commissioners with the German Baptist Home to care for its children at 23 cents per day, was made on 5 Dec 1893. On 10 Apr 1901 the second contract was made at 25 cents per day. This contract continued until 1 May 1905, when the Bundy Home at Spiceland was opened. (From: Hazzard's History of Henry County, VOL. #2)

The following names were taken from the 1900 and 1910 Federal Censuses for Jefferson Township, Henry County, Indiana

Snowberger, Andrew C. Head 48y Indiana
SnowBerger, Rachael A Wife 44y Virginia
Miller, Henry Inmate 89y Virginia
Alger, Susan Inmate 52y Virginia
Corbin, Amos Inmate 83y Kentucky
Corbin, Eliza Inmate 65y Indiana
Hinshaw, Grace Inmate 14y Indiana
Hamilton, Ernest Inmate 10y Indiana
Hamilton, Walter Inmate 8y Indiana
Dillinger, John F. Servant 27y Virginia
Dillinger, Sarah E. Sevant 23y Virginia
1910 Census - German Baptist Aged Person's and Orphan's Home
Parnell, William T. Head 53y Virginia
Parnell, Rebecca A. Wife 42y Virginia
Parnell, Cletus Son 17y Virginia
Parnell, Osian Son 14y Virginia
Lander, Enoch Inmate 85y Virginia
Lander, Nancy Inmate 83y Indiana
Lander, Joseph Inmate 73y Indiana
Kellenbarger, Daniel Inmate 86y Indiana
Kellenbarger, Susan Inmate 68y Indiana
Mellinger, Hannah Inmate 87y Indiana
Bare, Mary Inmate 77y Virginia
Cook, Hannah Inmate 61y Indiana
Durfee, Josie Inmate 45y Indiana
Griner, Lydia Inmate 65y Indiana
Painter, Amanda Inmate 35y Indiana
Martin, Lewis Inmate 68y Indiana
Peacock, Mary Inmate 80y Indiana
Lucas, Charlotte Inmate 82y Ohio
Hittle, Michael Inmate 70y Indiana
Gray, Quincy Inmate 75y Indiana
Grosner, Jacob Inmate 84y Indiana
Hendrick, Clark Inmate 13y Indiana
Becktell, Dewey Inmate 11y Indiana
Holder, Glen Inmate 10y Michigan
Holder, Jesse Inmate 8y Michigan
Shuman, John Inmate 10y Kansas
Shuman, Vera Inmate 8y Kansas
Conner, William Inmate 9y Indiana
Shatner, Helen Inmate 7y Illinois
Shatner, Willis Inmate 4y Illinois
Barker, Raymond Inmate 3y Indiana
Barker, Theodore Inmate 2y Indiana
Bates, Caroline Inmate 4y Indiana
Dean, Donaldd Inmate 2y Indiana

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