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Commissioner's Court
June Term, AD, 1885

In the matter of]
Mrs. Susan Fussell]
  Henry County Home for Pauper Children

    I Susan Fussell of Henry County, Indiana, agree to take the pauper children now in the county asylum of said county and such as may hereafter be judged to be pauper children by the proper authorities, and board, clothe and educate them, and care for them in health and sickness, furnishing everything that may be necessary for the sum of twenty-three cents per day each, payable from this date. I further agree to find good homes for them when possible. In case of death, the funeral expenses are to be defrayed by the county.
This agreement may be terminated at any time by either party after ten days notice to the other.

                                                            (Signed) Susan Fussell

    It is ordered by the Board that the above agreement on the terms and conditions herein set forth and the Superintendent of the county asylum is hereby directed to deliver said children to said Susan Fussell as above specified.
                                                  And this cause is determined.

In the matter of]
Transportation of children]
  From Poor Farm to Orphan's Home at Spiceland, Ind.
State of Indiana]
County of Henry]
  In The Commissioner's Court
  December Term, 1885

    Ordered by the Board of Commissioner's of Henry County, Indiana, that the following named children whose parents are in indigent circumstances, and some in the Asylum, an some of the children being orphans, all being inmates of the county asylum and whose names and ages are as designated below, have ordered and determined that said children shall be placed at the "Children's Home" at Spiceland in said county of Henry, under the charge and protection of Susan Fussell, Matron of said "Children's Home", for their present care and protection until suitable homes can be procured for them in good Christian families and learned habits of industry to the end that they may become useful men and women in society.

Ashley, Maggie7 years
Ashley, Ollie5 years
Fadely, Frank5 years
Clavengen, Effie5 years
Owens, Maude5 years
Owens, Bell7 years
Scarborough, Ervin3 years
McCullough, Albert3 years

New Castle, Indiana 12/14/1885

Commissioner's Court
April Special Term 1888

Ordered by the Board of Commissioner's that the following named children be taken to the Henry County Orphan's Home located at Spiceland.

Martin, George9 years
Perry, Alonzo6 years
Perry, Jennetta3 years
Perry, Martha4 years

And Daniel Harvey, Superintendent of the Henry County Poor Farm is authorized and empowered to take the home as above mentioned.

Dependent Children's Home
Spiceland, Indiana
June 2, 1893

    Report of the visiting committee to the Board of Commissioner's. We the visiting committee feel glad to report another successful year in this institution under the faithful and skillful management of Martha E Hadley who becomes more and more at home in the work as the years go by. We are thankful that her health is good enough for her to remain in this field of labor a while longer. Number of children now in the home.
   Girls 14      Boys 21
Of this number 8 are colored - Boys 4, Girls 4
One child returned who was placed out last year.
Placed out in homes this year - 17
3 were returned in a short time
Number placed out who remained - 14
Returned to parents - 3
Placed in families - 11
Two of these were placed by Rev. H. L. Hilton of the Children's Home Society. The children help in doing the work at the Institution so far as they are able. The children and the home give evidence of skill, tact and earnest careful work of those in charge. There is an air of thrift and cheerfulness about the place that is encouraging the progress of the children in the school and kindergarten has been very satisfactory. There was not much fruit on the place last year, some grapes, pears, raspberries and a few peaches. About the usual amount of vegetables was raised. The general health of this family since last June has been good. The Matron has had the fence painted at a cost of $80.00, which is a donation from her to the institution. We thank the tax payers of the county for making this home for the helpless little ones possible.

Committee:   Sarah A. R. Boor
Ada L. Fussell
Marsha A. White, Secretary

Record of the Board of Commissioners
Tuesday, January 17, 1899

    Be it remembered that a special session of the Board of Commissioners of Henry County, Indiana was begun and held at the office of the County Auditor at New Castle on Tuesday, January 17, 1899, pursuant to a precept issued by the county Auditor of Henry county, Indiana for the purpose of making arrangements for the sale of the "Orphans Home" at Spiceland, Indiana and such other business as the other interest of the county may demand.

Present R. Wisehart Auditor of Henry County  White HeatonCommissioner
John JamesSheriff of Henry County  John W. Whitworth Commissioner
    Wm. D. PierceCommissioner

There upon court was opened in due form by proclamation of the Sheriff at the court house door.

   Where as the Orphan's Home of Henry County is no longer used for the purpose for which it was originally intended and whereas the said property is falling into decay, it is therefore ordered by the Board that the building and real estate upon which said Orphan's Home is situate be sold, said real estate being describe as follows, Towit: Commencing twenty-six (26) Rods and eight (8) feet south of the north-west corner of the north half of the east half of the south-east quarter of section seventeen (17) in township sixteen (16) North of range ten (10) east and running thence west twenty and one half (20 1/2) rods, thence south fifty-three (53) and one half (53 1/2) rods to the south line of said quarter of quarter, thence east twenty and one half (20 1/2) rods to the east line of said half quarter section, thence north fifty three and one half (53 1/2) rods to the place of beginning , containing six (6) acres and one hundred and thirty-six (136) rods, more or less.

   And it is ordered that the said real estate be sold at public auction to the highest and best bidder at the court house door in New Castle, Indiana on Wednesday, March 22, 1899 upon the following terms: One half cash and one half in six (6) months from day of sale.

Transcribed from the original Commissioner's Court records by:
UEB 2000

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