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    Starting in 1993 when I was doing research on old cemeteries of Henry County, Mr. Richard Ratcliff of Spiceland mentioned the old Pauper's cemetery on the grounds of the Henry county home. Like everyone else I had never even thought of a cemetery being there. He told me the lady who worked there when the home closed around 1988 probably knew where the records were. I was never able to contact her, but after contacting the County Auditor Judy Bunner we were able to locate most of them, the early records (1839 - 1855) were destroyed in a fire in 1855.
    I started going through the old records and soon realized that some where on the county home property there were quite a few burials. I contacted Mr. John McGrady who's family has been associated with the Memorial Park grounds for many years and who is presently a county commisioner, and tried to get as much information from him that I could. We met at the Memorial Park and he showed me where the last known burial grounds were. On the hill above the new Veteran's Memorial in the south-east corner was the last burial at the county home. (He had no idea where the old one was). These burials were taken to the old north 14th street cemetery sometime in the 1920s.

The following is a short and as accurate as possible (with old hand writing), a history of the old Henry County Pauper's Asylum (Poor Farm).
March 8, 1839: The commisioners purchased the farm of Willim Silver for $2,000.00.
May 1839: A log house was built.
January 4, 1844: A new brick building was erected.
May 9, 1855: The brick building was destroyed by fire. All records were destroyed.
1855: The commisioners ordered a new and larger building constructed, which is today the present building, at a cost of $7,000.00.
1855 - 1859: While the building was under construction all paupers were kept at the farm of suprintendent Mark Modlin.
March, 1860: The new brick building was completed and all inmates returned to there new home.
1900: By the turn of the century the farm had grown to about 300 acres with the purchase of the bottom land.

The following is a list of the Superintendents and the number of inmates at the time.

1839-1842John D. Foosheunknown
1839-1842Samuel Hooverunknown
1839-1842Mark Modlinunknown
1842-1853Mark Modlin15
1853-1853Jacob Ratdorphunknown
1853-1855Anthony Livezeyunknown
1855-1860Mark Modlin14
1860-1860Alan Shepherd Jr.14
1860-1867Alvis Haguewoodunknown
1867-1869Joel R. Hutson40
1869-1878Mahlon D. Harvey42
1878-1880Daniel Harvey46
1880-1885John Bell24
1885-1893Daniel Harvey60
1893-1897Mahlon Harvey31
1897-1899Joel R. Frazier28
1899-1905John Bell38

All records after 1900 were more detailed on the inmates, such as family, marital status and personal history.
All history is taken from 'Hazzard's History of Henry County', Vol. # 2
Compiled by; : U. E. Bush 1998


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