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This is a list of children who were placed in homes by Mrs. Julia E. Work who had opened a
training school for Orphans at that time. (1880s) These are children who were sent out of state to live with other families.

Lamberson, Stella and RaymondMrs. William HamiltonFisherville, VA
Lamberson, Clarence Mrs. Joseph S MoyerUno, VA
Lamberson, Effie Mrs, W.F. McGee Uno, VA
Simons, JohnMr. Jacob HangerFisherville, VA
Farne, CharlieMr. A. B. TellifenoOrisvally, VA

Others who put in a request for a child, requesting either a boy or a girl, they were;

Burr, William Girl New Lisbon, IN1893
Holoway, William GirlCadiz, IN 1893
Dougherty, John GirlMillville, IN1893
Bales, JosephBoyBlountsville, IN1893
Bowman, Mr. Girl Hagerstown, IN 1893
Bowman, Mr. Boy Hagerstown, IN1893
Bowman, Mr. Boy Mt. Summit, IN1893
Harvey, Mr. Boy New Castle, IN1893

   In September 1877, A Miss Susan Fussell of the Spiceland Pauper Children's Home applied to the County Commisioners for the care of the children in the county poor house. But it wasn't until June of 1880 that this was granted. She was allowed twenty-three cents a day for food, clothing, housing and entertainment of each child. She had said "I shall never rest until there is Legislative enactment demanding the removal of all children from the demoralizing influence of the poor houses". It was later enacted that all pauper children of sane mind between the ages of one and sixteen shall be placed in the care of a matron of good moral character , sound judgement and having experience in the care and training of children. The Spiceland Orphan's Home continued to care for the pauper children until the year 1893 when the county commisioners contracted with the Northen Indiana Orphan's Home at Lapel, Indiana. Then on December 5, 1893 the commisioners contracted with the German Baptist Home at Honey Creek to care for the children. So ended the Orphan's Home at Spiceland after thirteen years of caring for the pauper and orphan children.

   In 1887 the Soldier's and Sailor's Orphan's Home near Knightstown was nearing completion. The Grand Army of the Republic of Indiana sent notices to all County Homes stating that "All Union Soldier's children being of sane mind and under the age of sixteen be sent to the Knightstown Orphan's Home. All other children that are feeble minded, epiletic, paralytic and incapable of recieving instructions in the common schools, be sent to the Indiana School for Feeble Minded Youth at Richmond".

Compiled from the original Henry County Home records by U. E. Bush

Susan Fussell and the Spiceland Orphan's Home from Heller's History of Henry County Vol. 3

U. E. Bush August 1998


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