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Indiana Soldiers & Sailors Orphans Home

1865 - 2009

   The Indiana Soldiers' and Sailiors' Childrens' Home located in Rush County, a few miles southwest of Knightstown, Indiana was founded in 1865. After the Civil War the State of Indiana decided there was a need for a home to house its disabled and seriously wounded veterans of that conflict. The home at that time housed a total of 182 veterans from 14 states, including four veterans of the U. S. Colored troops. Of that total one hundred forty seven (147) were Hoosier veterans.
   In 1879 the Feeble-minded Asylum was established in connection with the Soldiers' & Sailors' Orphans' Home and continued thus until 1887, when the Feeble-minded children were transferred to Fort Wayne and this institution became the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors, Orphans' Home.
   The first ten orphans were under the care of Miss Susan Fussell and were sponsored by the liberality of Georg Merritt of Indianapolis. The following are the names of the first children admitted in April of 1886: Ben Burris, John Burris, Albert Clark, Charles Clark, Emma Gray, Harriet Gray, Henry Gray, Will Gray, Kate Lewis and Josie Phenis.
   The home has been in the news lately as the State of Indiana has decided to close the home due to the rising cost of keeping it open. At one time, 1909 to be exact, there was a total of four hundred and forty-eight students in the home.
   I have in my possession a catalog/book "Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home 1865 - 1909" listing all orphans and employees of the home up to and including 1909. Also listed are all officers and trustees and anyone who had anything to do with the home up to that time.
   The following is a list of those students/orphans of 1909. The list includes name, hometown and the year admitted. Hopefully I can add all the others as time and health allows.

NameHome TownYear Admitted
Adkins, Della Isabel Swiss City, IN 1908
Adkins, Lewis H. Swiss City, IN 1908
Allen, Sarah A. Zionsville, IN 1903
Anderson, Ellen Fern 168 N Miami St. Wabash, IN 1908
Anderson, Harold Clark Hill, IN 1904
Anderson, Inna A. Sikestone, MO 1898
Anderson, James Reed 168 N Miami St. Wabash, IN 1908
Anderson, Leora Sikestone, MO 1898
Askins, Therresa E. Lapel, IN 1900
Bachelor, Myrtle Perth 1904
Bailey, Earl W. 128 Brackenridge St. Fort Wayne, IN 1902
Bailey, Frank 128 Brackenridge St. Fort Wayne, IN 1902
Baker, Anna Council Bluffs, IA 1905
Baker, Charles Council Bluffs, IA 1905
Baker, Jesse R. Council Bluffs, IA 1905
Baker, William Council Bluffs, IA 1905
Baldwin, Gaynelle Losantville, IN 1906
Baldwin, Moselle Losantville, IN 1906
Baldwin, Wava Losantville, IN 1906
Balridge, Georgia Bloomington, IN 1909
Balridge, John Bloomington, IN 1909
Barker, Julia B. Anderson, IN 1904
Barker, Wilbert Anderson, IN 1902
Barnes, Clarence Indianapolis, IN 1906
Barnes, William Indianapolis, IN 1906
Bartholomew, Maud Muncie, IN 1901
Batts, Mary Sullivan, IN 1901
Bell, Lawrence Indianapolis, IN 1899
Bennet, Eldon G. Knighhtstown, IN 1904
Bennet, Ruth C. Knightstown, IN 1904
Bilderback, Benjamin H. Evansville, IN 1904
Bilderback, Rackel Evansville, IN 1904
Blye, James Noblesville, IN 1897
Boggs, Blanche Kokomo, IN 1901
Boggs, William Kokomo, IN 1901
Bower, Emma Jeffersonville, IN 1900
Bowles, John 1718 W 7th St. Anderson, IN 1908
Bowman, Florence 308 Bell St. Indianapolis, IN 1904
Bowman, Irene 308 Bell St. Indianapolis, IN 1904
Boyce, Charles T. 945 N Illinois St. Indianapolis, IN 1908
Boyer, Oma 130 S Water St. Terre Haute, IN 1906
Bright, Benjamin Columbus, IN 1907
Bright, Bessie Columbus, IN 1907
Bright, George B. Columbus, IN 1907
Bright, Nellie Columbus, IN 1907
Brinson, Nola M. Milan, IN 1905
Britton, Harold F. 1349 S Sheffield Ave. Indianapolis, IN1908
Britton, Rotha F. 1349 S Sheffield Ave. Indianapolis, IN1908
Bromley, Bertha M. Laport, IN 1904
Brosher, Vesta Portland, IN 1906
Brown, Barbara Louisvile, KY 1900
Brown, Bryan Louisville, KY 1900
Brown, Maude Louisville, KY 1900
Buck, Audra L 803 Tecumseh Ave. Indianapolis, IN 1904
Buckner, William B Worthington, IN 1908
Bucy, Charles H. 320 Adelate St. Indianapolis, IN 1905
Butcher, Everett Bloomington, IN 1900
Campbell, Mary 1814 Gay St. Fort Wayne, IN 1901
Carter, Bricen Medora, IN 1904
Carter, Omer T. N/A 1906
Case, Charles 932 W Lasalle Ave. South Bend, IN 1904
Case, Harriet H. 932 W Lasalle Ave. South Bend, IN 1904
Castetter, Bessie Delaware, IN 1907
Cavanaugh, Lewis Muncie, IN 1897
Cavender, Esther May Plymouth, IN 1905
Cavender, Mary Louise Plymouth, IN 1905
Cavender, Russell Plymouth, IN 1905
Chandler, Fern G. Bloomington, IN 1903
Chandler, May Bloomington, IN 1903
Chandler, William R. Bloomington, IN 1903
Chapins, Louise Farmland, IN 1905
Chase, Russell Shidler, IN 1902
Chesney, William M. 1421 S. K St. Elwood, IN 1906
Childers, Daisy Marie Mitchell, IN 1905
Childers, Henry James Mitchell, IN 1905
Childers, Josie Esther Mitchell, IN 1905
Childers, Lilly Olive Mitchell, IN 1905
Childers, Theodore R.. Mitchell, IN 1905
Clark, Russell A. 307 S 30th St. Lafayette, IN 1904
Click, Dessie N/A 1904
Coffman, Raymond W. Greencastle, IN 1898
Conard, Edna J. 1308 English Ave. Indianapolis, IN 1902
Congleton, Reed G. Cayuga, IN 1907
Conrad, Elsie M. 1308 English Ave. Indianapolis, IN 1902
Conrad, Lilly E. 1308 English Ave. Indianapolis, IN 1902
Conway, Ethel M. Auburn, IN 1901
Conway, Lucy A. Auburn, IN 1901
Conway, William Harrold Auburn, IN 1901
Craft, Merle Elwood, IN 1905
Creech, Clyde C. Indianapolis, IN 1903
Creech, Grace O. Indianapolis, IN 1902
Creech, Lillian W. Indianapolis, IN 1902
Dante-Dodson, Fred Toledo, OH 1902
Davis, Amanda Hazel Bloomington, IN 1903
Davis, Charles Bloomington, IN 1903
Davis, Delaney D. Bloomington, IN 1903
Davis, William Henry Bringhurst 1899
Dawson, Lee J. Battle Ground 1902
Dawson, Samuel C. Knightstown, IN 1902
Dean, Frank U. Indianapolis, IN 1906
Dean, Norman D. Indianapolis, IN 1906
Deane, John Westfield, IN 1900
Dearmond, Delmer New Richmond, IN 1900
Dolan, Catherine Alice Cambridge City, IN 1908
Dolan, Mary Cambridge City, IN 1908
Dollhoover, Adaline North Madison, IN 1908
Dudley, Ella New Lebanon, IN 1900
Dudley, I. Donna New Lebanon, IN 1901
Dudley, John New Lebanon, IN 1900
Dunihoo, B. Clayman Bloomington, IN 1903
Dunihoo, F. Layman Bloomington, IN 1903
Dunihoo, Joseph D. Bloomington, IN 1903
Eaglen, Charles W. 229 1st St. Columbus, IN 1908
Eaglen, Minnie 229 1st St. Columbus, IN 1908
Eaks, Marshall Princeton, IN 1903
Eaks, Roy M. Princeton, IN 1903
English, Ethel E. Rushville, IN 1902
English, Jessie Rushville, IN 1902
English, Pearl Rushville, IN 1902
Evans, Clarence F. Gransville, IN 1905
Farrer, Dorcas 930 N Illinois St. Indianapolis, IN 1907
Farrer, Lorena 930 N Illinois St. Indianapolis, IN 1907
Fellers, Elmer Ted Kenton, OH 1894
Finney, Mable 115 Union St. Benton Harbor, MI 1897
Fleetwood, Charles V. Marion, IN 1907
Fuller, Russell C. Shelbyville, IN 1899
Gardner, Frank E. West Middleton, IN 1908
Gardner, George W. West Middleton, IN 1908
Gardner, Jenna M. West Middleton, IN 1909
Gardner, William H. West Middleton, IN 1908
Garrison, Clarence W. Indianapolis, IN 1905
Garrison, Leota M. Indianapolis, IN 1905
Gilbert, Everett Indianapolis, IN 1906
Gilbert, Leroy Indianapolis, IN 1906
Gilbert, Ora S. Indianapolis, IN 1906
Gilliand, Lelia M. Hope, IN 1901
Gilliand, Nellie M. Hartsville, IN 1901
Glover, Henry R. Cassell Hartford City, IN 1909
Goodwin, Fannie M. Marion, IN 1904
Goodwin, Golda M. Evansville, IN 1903
Goodwin, Ida E. Evansville, IN 1903
Goodwin, John W. Evansville, IN 1903
Graham, Faye Rockville, IN 1898
Graham, Ray Rockville, IN 1898
Gray, Glenn Lee N/A 1899
Green, Benjamin F. Evansville, IN 1908
Gregory, David Indianapolis, IN 1905
Grider, Hiram S. Greencastle, IN 1907
Griffith, Lula Littles N/A 1901
Groves, Carrie A. Plainville, IN 1904
Groves, Noble E. Plainville, IN 1904
Groves, Otis B. Plainville, IN 1904
Hall, Homer Elwood, IN 1897
Hammel, Chester Dayton, OH 1906
Hammel, Lester Dayton, OH 1906
Hammel, Martha Dayton, OH 1906
Hammel, Verna Dayton, OH 1906
Hancock, Hobart T. Solsberry, IN 1902
Haney, Willa 715 E 23rd St. Anderson, IN 1908
Hardin, Albert Nolan Tennyson, IN 1906
Hardin, Minor Tennyson, IN 1906
Harrell, Anna Seeleysville, IN 1905
Harrell, Grover Seeleysville, IN 1905
Harris, Earl 216 S Scott St. Warsaw, IN 1906
Hart, Elza Boonville, IN 1897
Hart, Lorena Booneville, IIN 1897
Hartstock, Minnie 147 S Jersey St. Indianapolis, IN 1897
Hatfield, Iva E. Tilden, IN 1902
Heckman,Charles H. Liberty Center, IN 1905
Herron, Carrie B McCordsville, IN 1898
Hiers, Matthew Knightstown, IN 1901
Hiers, William J. Knightstown, IN 1901
Higgins, Foret McKee 2239 W 12 1/2 St. Terre Haute, IN 1904
Higgins, Harry L. L. 2239 W 12 1/2 St. Terre Haute, IN 1904
Higgins, Mabel 2239 W 12 1/ ST. Terre Haute, IN 1904
Hiimes, Admiral A. Plymouth, IN 1904
Himes, Hazel M. Plymouth, IN 1904
Himes, Landon C. Plymouth, IN 1904
Hitch, Clara 811 Manchester Ave. St. Louise, MO 1904
Hitch, John T. 811 Manchester Ave. St. Louise, MO 1899
Hobbs, Ann Delaware County 1907
Hochsteddler, Daniel 3009 S Washington St. Marion, IN 1899
Hochsteddler, Roy 3008 S Washington St. Marion, IIN 1899
Holeman, Mark H. Franklin, IN 1904
Holler, Eva Sanford, IN 1908
Holler, Otho Sanford, IN 1908
Holmes, Ada Della Westville, IN 1909
Holmes, Dora Grace Westville, IN 1909
Holmes, Harvey John Westville, IN 1909
Holmes, William Westville, IN 1909
Hoover, Alica A. Fairmount, IN 1900
Hoover, Arthur Fairmount, IN 1900
Hoover, Carl R. Conway Springs, KS 1908
Horn, Golden Pearl Idaville, IN 1906
Hornaday, Edward Valonia, IN 1898
Hornaday, Emma Valonia, IN 1898
Hornaday, Nellie Valonia, IN 1898
Horner, Otto 415 W 25th St. Marion, IN 1893
Horral, Lillian B. 1224 John St. Hamilton, OH 1903
Hotchkiss, Leona 711 W Union St. Lima, OH 1903
Hughes, Henry I. South Bend 1898
Hughes, James F. South Bend 1898
Hughes, Rava M. South Bend 1898
Hughston, Thomas Elwood, IN 1905
Hughston, Viola Elwood, IN 1905
Hurley, Clifford R. Rensselaer, IN 1907
Hurley, Jasper Henty Rensselaer, IN 1907
Hurley, Sarah Emma Rensselaer, IN 1908
Hurley, Viola Opal Rensselaer, IN 1907
Irwin, Bessie Mitchell, IN 1908
Jessup, Jennie Sheridan, IN 1902
Jessup, John Sheridan, IN 1902
Jessup, Raleigh Sheridan, IN 1902
Jessup, S. Boyd Sheridan, IN 1902
Johnson, James Westfield, IN 1899
Johnson, Jessie Westfield, IN 1899
Johnson, Oscar Westfield, IN 1899
Johnston, Goldie 1115 Cornell Ave. Indianapolis, IN 1904
Johnston, Lottie I. 1115 Cornell Ave. Indianapolis, IN 1904
Johnston, Louise F. 1115 Cornell Ave. Indianapolis, IN 1904
Johnston, Martha A. 1115 Cornell Ave. Indianapolis, IN 1904
Johnston, Paul Indianapplis, IN 1897
Johnston, Ruth Indianapolis, IN 1896
Jones, Christopher L. 743 W Main St. Madison, IN 1905
Jones, Grace M. 743 W Main St. Madison, IN 1905
Jones, Hazel E. 743 W Main St. Madison, IN 1905
Joy, Magdalena Wabash, IN 1909
Joy, Millie Belle Wabash, IN 1906
Joy, Noah Wabash, IN 1906
Joy, Silvia Wabash, IN 1907
Keeling, Odetta 3221 Haymaker St. Marion, IN 1906
Keller, Cecil 1006 W Elm St. Kokomo, IN 1902
Keller, Essie M. 1006 W Elm St. Kokomo, IN 1902
Keller, Harry 1006 W Elm St. Kokomo, IN 1902
Kelley, Allen G. Louisville, KY 1906
King, James F. South Bend, IN 1909
King, Nancy Katherine South Bend, IN 1909
Kingery, Virgil W. Terre Haute, IN 1909
Kitts, D. Opal Scipio, IN 1899
Kitts, James D. Scipio, IN 1899
Kremer, Richard M. Indianappolis, IN 1908
Lambert, Harry Roswell, NM 1895
Lane, A. Catherine Indianapolis, IN 1901
Lane, Addie Indianapolis, IN 1901
Lane, Claude Martinsville, IN 1906
Lane, Henry Frank Martinsville, IN 1906
Lane, Leroy Martinsville, IN 1906
Lane, Velmar Martinsville, IN 1906
Lane, William Max Indianapolis, IN 1901
Lansford, John Jasper, IN 1908
Lavanway, George A. Fort Wayne, IN 1903
Lavanway, Henry W. Fort Wayne, IN 1903
Lavanway, Mary M. Fort Wayne, IN 1903
Leeson, Myrtle N/A 1908
Lighter, Joshua L. Gosport, IN 1903
Lockhart, Clarence Urbana, IL 1906
Lockhart, Nora Urbana, IL 1906
Lockhart, Virgil Urbana, IL 1906
Loomis, George M. Terre Haute, IN 1907
Marksbury, John Crawfordsville, IN 1901
Mars, Joseph N/A 1905
Mars, Minerva N/A 1905
Marsh, Mamie Marion, IN 1906
Masters, Charles 2607 Rader St. Indianapolis, In 1901
Masters, John V. 2607 Rader St. Indianapolis, IN 1901
Mathews, Val Speed Charleston, IN 1898
McEntyre, Noble N/A 1907
McLain, Daisy Henderson, KY 1904
McLaughlin, Perry M. Wheeling, IN 1901
McLaughlin, Thomas Wheeling, IN 1901
McMahan, Elnor Marion, IN 1909
McMullen, Kit Carson Homestead, IN 1906
McMullen, Maggie Homestead, IN 1906
Miller, Anna 1319 Raymond St. Indianapolis, IN 1895
Miller, J. Arthur 717 S East St. Indianaplois 1896
Miller, Joseph Indianapolis, IN 1906
Miller, Ralph Dewey Anderson, IN 1909
Minnerly, Albert C. F. 1310 Broadway Fort Wayne, IN 1902
Mitchell, Florence 637 N Keystone Ave. Indianapolis, IN 1897
Mitchell, Jolly Isis Flat Rock, IN 1908
Montross, Glenn Knightstown, IN 1907
Montross, Lorenzo Knightstown, IN 1907
Montross, Mildred Knightstown, IN 1907
Montross, Ruth Knightstown, IN 1907
Morgan, Edward Covington, IN 1909
Morgan, Frank Covington, IN 1909
Morgan, Laura Irene Bloomington, IN 1907
Morgan, Mable Marie Bloomington, IN 1907
Morgan, Ruth 809 Sycamore St Greencastle, IN 1899
Morris, Ethel Galvaston, IN 1903
Morris, William 7250 Tacoma Ave. Indianapolis, IN 1901
Morrison, Ethel Clodine Lafayette, IN 1905
Morse, Isora Angola, IN 1899
Morse, John H. Angola, IN 1899
Mote, Neil C. Muncie, IN 1909
Munsell, Julia A. Nobleville, IN 1902
Newby, William R. Chico, NM 1898
Nicholson, Ona A. Indianapolis, IN 1901
Nugent, Clarence E. Hoopston, IL 1905
Nugent, Clifford Hoopston, IL 1908
Nugent, Robert F. Hoopston, IL 1907
Nugent, Sterling G. Hoopston, IL 1906
O'Neal, May Muncie, IN 1900
Palmes, Bonnie J. N/A 1905
Palmes, Myrie C N/A 1905
Parker, Bessie May Muncie, IN 1909
Parker, David Luther Muncie, IN 1909
Parker, Lottie Marie Muncie, IN 1909
Paswater, Elnora Indianapolis, IN 1906
Persley, Grace M. Lafayette, IN 1902
Pfafflin, George Indianapolis, IN 1899
Phillips, Helen L. Indianapolis, IN 1901
Pierce, Ina Marie Valparaiso, IN 1908
Pierce, Margaret W. Valparaiso, IN 1908
Piffer, Fred Greencastle, IN 1899
Plake, Claude Kokomo, IN 1905
Plake, Roma Kokomo, IN 1905
Porter, Valentine Elwood, IN 1906
Pryor, Della Blanch Bloomington, IN 1907
Pryor, Josephine Bloomington, IN 1907
Pryor, Stella Bloomington, IN 1907
Purdy, Cleo Indianapolis, IN 1897
Purdy, Leo Indianapolis, IN 1897
Purple, Edwin Covington, IN 1905
Radabaugh, Claude D. Terre Haute, IN 1902
Radabaugh, Lousa Terre Haute, IN 1902
Radabaugh, William Allen Terre Haute, IN 1902
Raible, Gertrude Indianapolis, IN 1907
Raible, Ruth Indianapolis, IN 1907
Raible, Victor Indianapolis, IN 1907
Ransom, Blair E. Tatesville, TN 1899
Ray, Hazel Lee Marysville, IN 1900
Ray, John Wesley Marysville, IN 1900
Ray, Mary Etta Marysville, IN 1900
Redding, Elizabeth Bluffton, IN 1905
Redding, Minnie Bluffton, IN 1905
Redding, Sherman Bluffton, IN 1905
Redding, William Andrew Bluffton, IN 1905
Reeves, Patrick T. Terre Haute, IN 1907
Reeves, Raymond L. Terre Haute, IN 1907
Reynolds, Cora L. Greensburg, IN 1908
Reynolds, Edith F. Greensburg, IN 1908
Robertson, Andrew St. Louise, MO 1899
Ross, Melvin Anderson, IN 1902
Ross, Shirley O. Anderson, IN 1902
Ruby, Hannah Indianapolis, IN 1906
Rude, Hazel E. Underwood, IIN 1904
Russell, Lawrence South Bend 1908
Saltsman, James J. Medarysville, IN 1903
Saltsman, Jesse J. Medarysville, IN 1902
Saltsman, Pearl Medarysville, IN 1902
Sanders, Carl H. Gas City, IN 1901
Sanders, Earl H. Gas City, IN 1901
Sanders, Lawrence CliffordWindfall, IN 1908
Schofield, William Mac 1315 Prospect St. Indianapolis, IN 1909
Schramm, William A. Knightstown, IN 1909
Scott, Charles Anderson, IN 1902
Scott, Ollie W. Fairmount, IN 1904
Scott, Opal Fairmount, IN 1904
Seal, Walter 117 Grand Ave. Connersville, IN 1896
Shackleford, Berenies 2358 Gale St. Indianapolis, IN 1904
Shaffer, Clarence North Manchester, IN 1907
Shaw, Casey 30th and Manlove Ave. Indianapolis, IN1900
Shaw, Edna Marie Elwood, IN 1901
Shaw, Hattie Elwood, IN 1901
Sherman, Edna 323 Market St. East St. Louis, IL 1906
Sherman, Mamie 323 Market St. East St. Louis, IL 1906
Sherman, Mary 323 Market St. East St. Louis, IL 1906
Sherman, William T. 323 Market St. East St. Louis, IL 1906
Shernan, Robert 323 Market St. East St. Louis, IL 1906
Shindollar, Carl Portland, IN 1905
Shindollar, Charles Portland, IN 1905
Shindollar, Gladys Portland, IN 1905
Shindollar, Nora Marie Portland, IN 1905
Shultz, Paul N/A 1899
Shultz, S. Etta N/A 1900
Slater, Rilla Marion, IN 1904
Slater, Rollo Marion, IN 1904
Smith, Ella Richmond, IN 1899
Smith, Floyd South Bend, IN 1905
Smith, George M. Fort Wayne, IN 1902
Smith, Lester Henry 2315 S selby St. Marion, IN 1909
Smith, Reed New Albany, IN 1908
Snyder, Verva Mae 1417 Summit St. Fort Wayne, IN 1905
Sowers, Bertha Crawfordsville, IN 1903
Sowers, Della M. Crawfordsville, IN 1903
Sparks, Claude R. Wabash, IN 1906
Steele, Fred Greencastle, IN 1900
Steele, Ralph Greencastle, IN 1901
Steele, Robert Greencastle, IN 1907
Stewart, Arthur Kennard, IN 1903
Stich, Albert 134 E 6th Ave. Lancaster, IN 1905
Strain, Dovey Winslow, IN 1906
Strain, Rachel Winslow, IN 1906
Strain, Thomas Winslow, IN 1906
Stump, Floriena Greensburg, IN 1908
Stump, George Greensburg, IN 1909
Stump, Rosa Greensburg, IN 1909
Suiter, Jessie Franklin, IN 1903
Sumner, James Alvin Anderson, IN 1907
Sumner, Alta May Anderson, IN 1907
Sumner, Cecil Marie Anderson, IN 1907
Suttles, Andrew J. Lafayette, IN 1906
Suttles, Frank Lafayette, IN 1906
Suttles, Grover Lafayette, IN 1906
Swindle, Walter D. Danville, IL 1901
Swineford, Earl O. Indianapolis, IN 1908
Taylor, Calvin Franklin, IN 1906
Taylor, Pansy A. Franklin, IN 1906
Telford, Delight Gas City, IN 1907
Tingle, Minnie M. Indianapolis, IN 1902
Thomas, Willie R. Kokomo, IN 1908
Thompson, Charles Seymore, IN 1900
Thompson, Frank Seymore, IN 1900
Vankirk, Ethel Mentone, IIN 1907
Vankirk, Frank T. Mentone, IN 1907
Vankirk, John A. Mentone, IN 1907
Vankirk, Marcus A. Mentone, IN 1907
Vankirk, William Mck. Mentone, IN 1907
Vaughn, Forest Clay Crawfordsville, IN 1908
Wagoner, John Indianapolis, IN 1903
Waite, Cecil Hammond, IN 1907
Waite, Florence Hammond, IN 1907
Waite, M. Beulah Hammond, IN 1907
Watson, Walter Knightstown, IN 1902
Way, Helen Lafayette, IN 1908
Way, Margaret Lafayette, IN 1908
Weatherford, Henry L. Mt. Vernon, IN 1903
Welsh, James D. 618 Moody Ave. Elkhart, IN 1901
Wert, Edward Marion, IN 1903
Wert, George Marion, IN 1903
Wert, William Marion, IN 1903
West, Edra Indianapolis, IN 1908
Wett, George Indianapolis, IN 1908
Weston, Esther M. 413 Love St. Danville, IN 1897
Whiteman, Adrian Marion, IN 1905
Whiteman, Paul D. Marion, IN 1905
Whitworth, Bricen 606 N 21st St. Terre Haute, IN 1902
Williams, Earl Rufus Hartford City, IN 1908
Williamson, Alvin R. 802 N Noble St. Indianapolis, IN 1906
Wilson, Anna Lafayette, IN 1902
Wilson, McKinley Lapel, IN 1905
Wyer, Edith 2015 Selby St. Marion, IN 1902
Wyer, Emanuel 2015 Selby St. Marion, IN 1902
Wyer, Mamie 2015 Selby St. Marion, IN 1902
Wyer, Hazel 2015 Selby St. Marion, IN 1902
Wyant, Pearl May Knox, IN 1909
Wyant, William McKinley Knox, IN 1909
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