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Christopher Long 1746 - 1829
A Veteran of The Revolutionary War

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Monument Toppled by Auto Accident
      The monument placed here at the intersection of CR 200s and CR 500E was toppled by an auto accident this morning 6/14/02. Very little damage was done to the monument, just one part was broken, the top obelisk of the monument snapped when it hit the ground. It was a clean break that can easily be repaired.
     This monument was erected by the grand children of the Longs sometime in the mid 1800s in honor of Christopher's military service. Sarah Long, wife of Christopher is also buried here with him. At one time there was a neighborhood cemetery at this location.
     Hazzard's History of Henry County, Vol. #2 describes the cemetery thusly, Christopher Long, a pioneer of Liberty township. The remains of this venerable soldier of the Revolutionary war, together with those of his wife, lie buried at a point about four and a half miles south-east of New castle in Liberty township near what is known as the "Boyd Schoolhouse", and in the south-east corner of the intersection. Marking the grave, stands a marble monument, nine feet and six inches high, surrounded by an iron railing, four feet in height, and twelve feet long, north and south, and nine feet wide, east and west. On the west side of the monument, in plain view of the passing traveler, is the following inscription:

A Soldier Of The Revolution.

Died August 14, 1829. Aged Eighty-Three years and Three Months.
"Sarah, His Wife, Died September 11, 1822, in her 66th Year"

On the base of the monument is another inscription, containing this appeal:


This we will do.
It will be repaired and restored to its original condition by the people who honor and respect these veterans.

UEB 2002

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