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Meshack Lewelling Estate Settlement


Seth Hinshaw: Power of Attorney
William Lewelling to: Seth Hinshaw appointed Power of Attorney 19 Dec.1843 Deed book L, page # 181
To Margaret (Williams) and Henry Lewelling (wife and son): The: 40 acres in northeast1/2 of the southwest 1/4 of section 18-17-10, Henry township.
Deed book L, page # 232
James Barnard, 40 acres in the northwest half of the northwest quarter of section 21-17-10, Henry Township.
Deed book "L", page # 543
William Lewelling (son) to: Abner Pickering, 1.5 acres in the east 1/2 of the southeast 1/4 of section 35-17-9 in Greensboro township.
Deed book "L", page # 554
William Lewelling (son) to: David Goble, Lot in southwest corner of southeast 1/4 of section 35-17-9 in the town of Greensboro known as lot # 1, block #2.
Deed book "L", page # 555
Henry Lewelling (son) to: Thomas Hunt, northeast 1/4 of section 19-17-10.
Deed book "L", page # 582
William Lewelling (son) to: Cyrus Hinshaw, Lot # 2 in Blk. # 2 on Mill St. in Greensboro.
Deed book "M", page # 277
Meshack Lewelling Last Will and Testament November 13, 1840
To my Wife Margaret (Williams) Lewelling: The following land, To-wit: WSW 21-17-10, SE 20-17-10 and ESW 20-17-10 all in Henry township.
Will book # 1, page # 37.
My Children: (of Jane (Brookshire) and Meshack) The NW 1/4 of section 20-17-10 divided by four (4) to wit:
Seth Lewelling: The NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of section 20-17-10
Jane Lewelling: The SW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of section 20-17-10
Henry Lewelling: --------No provisions--------
Henderson Lewelling: --------No provisions--------
John Lewelling: --------No provisions--------
William Lewelling: --------No provisions--------
Mary Lewelling: --------No provisions--------
Thomas J. Lewelling: --------No provisions--------
Margaret (Williams) and Meshack's children:
Harrison G. Lewelling: The NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of section 20-17-10
Jefferson W. Lewelling: The SE 1/4 " " " " " "
Davius Williams (stepson) -----------------No Provisions for land-----------
John Bond
James Barnard
Henry Lewelling
Seth Lewelling
Meshack was first married to Janet Brookshire who was the sister of Emsly Brookshire, they were married in Randolph County, North Carolina. Janet died in 1835.
His second wife was Margaret Williams. They were married in 1837. After his death in 1840, she remarried.
Meshack Lewelling was the son of William and Mary Lewelling. He was born on January 1, 1787 and His death was on November 30, 1840.
The grave marker for M. Lewelling in the Greensboro cemetery is probably for Meshack's Grandson, Son of Henry and Rachel (Pressnal) Lewelling, he was born in 1836 and died in 1840.
Other Lewelling Deed Records:
Meshack Lewelling to Henry Lewelling: W 1/2 of the NE 1/4 Book "K", p. 546
Abraham Payne to Meshack Lewelling: Lot 5 in Blk. 6 in Greensboro Book "K", p. 564
Henry Lewelling to Meshack Lewelling: S 1/2 of E 1/2 SW 1/4 17-17-10 Book "K", p. 565
Jehu Wickersham to Meshack Lewelling: SW corner of Lot 1 in Blk. 2 on Mill Street.
Lot # 2 in Blk. # 2 on Mill St.
Lot # 7 in blk. # 5 on Main & Broad St.
Lot # 5 in blk. # 3 on Mill St.
Lot # 5 in blk. # 5 on Mill St.
All lots in Greensboro town. Bk. "K", p.566
Margaret Williams Lewelling, her dower to Henry Lewellig (their son): Book "K", p.586
Southeast 1/4/ of section 20-17-10
East 1/2 of Southwest 1/4 of 20-17-10
West 1/2 of Southwest 1/4 of 21-17-10
Southeast 1/4 of Southwest 1/4 of 19-17-10
Southeast 1/4 of Northeast 1/4 of 28-17-10
128 acres of land in Wabash County and all lots in the Town of Greensboro.

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