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Frank M. Hudelson 1878-1939. Mary Kate and Louise Higley Hudelson 1883-1961. ...Photo courtesy of Pat (Hosier) Ballentine

Eleanor (Elen) Margaret Huddelston (English) ...Photo courtesy of Pat (Hosier) Ballentine

Mary A. Hudelson (1829-1859) was known as "Aunt Pop." With her is Ellen Huddelston English, whom I believe is listed as ENGLISH, ELEANOR MARGARET HUDDELSTON. 1828-1920 ...Photos courtesy of Pat (Hosier) Ballentine

The person listed as being buried at Shiloh as NANCY HANEN is shown to have been born 1834 and d. 1919. I believe this is my great grandmother with those same dates. She must have come from PA. to live with her children when she was old. She was born Nancy Elizabeth RALSTON, and was the daughter of Andrew T. Ralston the inventor of Pennsylvania. Her father did not approve of the marriage to "that crazy Irishman!" so maybe that's why her maiden name is not on the tombstone. Andrew Ralston invented a Thrashing Machine, famous in its day. One of them is in the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan. ...Photo courtesy of Pat (Hosier) Ballentine

Anna Bruce Hudleson with her husband Hervey Atkins, both buried at Shiloh Cemetery. ...Photo courtesy of Pat (Hosier) Ballentine

Photo of family members--some buried at Shiloh Cemetery Elmer ?, Lawrence ?, Aunt Kate Huddleson Maxwell, Aunt Louise Higley Hudelson, Uncle Frank M. Hudelson 1878, Aunt Anna Bruce Hudelson Atkins, Uncle Max (married to Aunt Kate), Clarence Atkins about age 15, Joseph Hanen x, Uncle Herve Atkins, Clarence Atkins, Joe Hanen, his daughter in front (Milly)Mildred Hanen with teeth missing. ...Photo courtesy of Pat (Hosier) Ballentine

1) John Montgomery Huddleson donated the land for the Shiloh Cemetery and is buried there. This photo is of one of his sons--John Miller Huddleson. 1800-1878.
2) His son, is Robert Alexander Huddleson in the second photo, also buried there. ...Photos courtesy of Pat (Hosier) Ballentine

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