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Also known as the Lewelling burial grounds.
The ZOAR Baptist Church established the church and burial Grounds on 15 May 1847 on land purchased from Alvus and Lovey Walker. The first Trustees were: William Shaw, James Barnard and Alvus R. Walker.

Barnard, A. B.Foot Stone  
Barnard, Anna31 Dec 184962y, 8m, 28dw. of James
Barnard, James22 Aug 185773y, 6m, 3dh. of Anna
Carter, Margaret18 Nov 186256yw. of Solomon
Carter, S. C.Foot Stone  
Carter, M. C.Foot Stone  
Carter, Solomon27 Mar 186764y, 10m, 5dh. of Margaret- CW Vet
Wilson, Mary9 Mar 186028 Jan 1841w. of J. T. Wilson
There are a few unreadable pieces of stones and probably a few unmarked graves.

This cemetery was named by the Zoar Regular Baptist Church that was located on this site in 1847.
Thomas Hamm called it the Lewelling Burial Grounds in his cemetery books.
Old rumors have it that there are Indian burial grounds on this site. A few years ago, Indian descendants from Florida use to come here and have a ceremony every few years. This area was populated by Indians in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

UEB 10 Apr 1997


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