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Henry Co., IN Death Records 1880 - 2000 (Q)

-As recorded in The Henry County, IN Health Department-

      The following is a list of 49,296 deaths recorded in Henry County, IN covering the years 1882 through the year 2000. These are people who died within the boundaries of Henry County and are on file at the (genealogy friendly) Henry County Health Department showing the book and page number listing the date and other vital information of their death.
     These records are located at Henry County Office Building, 2nd Floor @ 1201 Race Street, Suite 208, New Castle, Indiana 47362. (HCHD website) at: http://www.henryco.net/cms/index.php?page=vital-records-2. You can contact the health department for death and birth records. The very friendly Vital Statistics staff have aided many persons seeking genealogy information, or record searches. In June 2002 the division introduced a genealogy non-certified copy of birth and death records for the cost of $2.00 each. This is to help with keeping the cost down for anyone doing genealogy research. The generic certificate will contain all of the same information as a legal birth/death certificate, but a lot less expensive, especially for anyone requesting more than one copy.

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Qiebhast,Mary W. WF79y. 2 Jul.1905 D O 22
Quackenbush,Steven WM8y. 27 Dec.1973 III (3)  460
Quade,Harriett WF87y. 25 Jan. 2000X (10)  252
Queener,Dennis D. WM80y. 21 Apr.1985 VII (7)  113
Queener,Lauren Kay WF2 Hr.31 Jul.1966 II (2)  91
Querry,John WM1y. 13 May 1903 CSS 4 52
Query,Arnold F. WM1 Mo.6 Sep.1950 6 C 287
Query,Charles E. WM84y. 30 Apr.1976 IV (4)  192
Query,Gladys Marie WF71y. 23 Sep.1966 II (2)  103
Query,Ruth Lorina WF72y. 20 Oct.1994 VIIII (9)  224
Query,Velva Glow WF88y. 7 Jun.1994 VIIII (9)  280
Quesenberry,Lydia AliceWF82y. 15 Mar.1953 VIII (8) C 64
Quick,John William WM70y. 29 Dec.1964 I (One)  274
Quigle,Glen WM46y. 13 Jun.1949 6 C 171
Quigley,Benjamin F. WM21y. 16 Oct.1887 CSS 1 103
Quigley,John WM76y. 14 Apr.1903 CSS 4 51
Quigley,John WM76y. 14 Apr.1903 Midd'tn-Lsvl.1-A 14
Quigly,Delia M. WF70y. 11 Feb.1908 Midd'tn-Lsvl.1-A 21
Quinley,Mary WF88y. 12 Mar.1900 CSS 4 10
Quinn,Daniel WM68y. 3 Apr.1925 Middletown 1-C 46
Quinn,Daniel WM68y. 8 Apr.1925 Midd'tn-Lsvl.1-A 64
Quinn,Delbert WM45y. 26 Feb.1943 5 C 6
Quinn,Jane M. WF76y. 29 Sep.1900 CSS 4 21
Quinn,Lee WM29y. 16 Aug.1915 CSS 5 81
Quinn,Samuel H. WM71y. 15 Dec.1910 CSS 5 33
Quinn,Sarah J. WF52y. 21 Feb.1916 Middletown 1-B 31
Quire,Lawrence T. WM52y. 25 Nov.1954 VIII (8) C 123
Quirk(Quick),Peter WM3 Mo.17 Oct.1885 CSS 1 64
Quisenberry,Reva WF81y. 11 Dec.1969 III (3)  86
Quyle,Alta WF74y. 18 Dec.1957 XI (11) C 73
Quyle,Clema WF38y. 29 Aug.1922 City-Blue 2 71
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